Fate, Faith, Luck and…Probability?

What do all of these words have in common? One thing…Opportunity.

Fate is destiny…a pre-determined path…something designated for you by whatever higher being decided that it was your “stars” to do something, live somewhere, and inevitably…be someone…

Faith is that feeling you have when you believe that everything in your life has a greater purpose…that even though something’s not fate, that there’s a reason for it…it’s what spawns the feeling of hope and safety…like because there’s a purpose, you will inevitably be guided to something better…

Luck is a preconceived notion related to fortune…something like centripedal force…it doesn’t exist but yet it does…luck is something that you are cursed with when fate goes “wrong” and that you are blessed with when fate goes “right”…It seems like it is something that is almost innate to your being…like you are born blessed or cursed…somewhat attributed with destiny but it isn’t a path but instead each individual “case” that leads you to your lucky or unlucky verdict.

Probability is somewhat on its own…the only thing with inductive proof and mathematical reasoning behind it. It can completely explain “the luck of the draw” but at the same time, from the viewpoint of the individual…it means nothing…for you are just one data point in the worldly,nay i say, universal perspective of probable action. It can be a locality or a macrocosm of interactions between every molecule or group of molecules but it too. is drawn into the same group as fate, faith and luck and spits out one fair conclusion…opportunity.

All of the above convey opportunity for what is and for what could be. And regardless of the process or the cause, the effect is a summation of interactions of every moment that you sank or swam…just to deliver you to the very place you’ve arrived at today. Whatever you may call it, whether pre-determined or probabilistic, it’s never certain to you nor to the rest of those standing within the system…so take every opportunity for what it presents you…one more moment…one more step…one more chance.

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