Pre-Season: NFC West Favorite — 49ers!!

The fun thing about this time of the year is that we all get to make wild predictions about who’s the crazy pick of the year and who’s going to win the division etc… Well, I’ll give you my top 10 reasons for each division in this and some following posts for why I believe the respective teams will be favored to win:

NFC West Pick: San Francisco 49ers..yep, that’s right…you heard me.

Here are the top 10 reasons why the 49ers will win their division:

10. Arizona is the only good team in this division and Kurt Warner’s age combined with a 2-peat conference championship in mind is hard to swallow for the rest of the young flock on this team…I’d say they flop to mediocrity just like the Baltimore Ravens did in 2001. Oh, and finally, I don’t see them finding their running game anytime soon…and 1-D offenses only takes you so far for so long…

9. Because Allen Rossum can give you 1 TD / game…returning kicks, punts, receiving or playing DB…you only need 12 more ppg to hit last year’s scoring average!!

8. Seattle who? I think their pass defense is the laughing stock of the league…might as well just throw a long ball every down because their secondary looks like they’re swatting flies.

7. Shaun Hill impressed me last year. He came into a struggling offense and definitely showed some poise while everything and everyone around him collapsed. With some consistency in his line and a couple of breakout performances from Vernon Davis and Battle (stupid Crabtree), this guy could be a definite sleeper pick for the niners.

6. The Rams should move back to LA. They have a better chance here. At least maybe they could get some decent coaching and a better team philosophy instead of lets see how many points we can put up and still lose…

5. The 49ers fans are about one missed tackle away from painting their face black n silver…and we all know how blasphemous those words are.

4. Because Isaac Bruce is a winner…and so should you!

3. Solid Defense. I think Mike Singletary definitely did a number on the run stoppage when he pulled down his pants in the locker room because something clicked at the end of the season. Plus a solid secondary led by Dre Bly, Clements, Walt Harris and LB Patrick “the little train that could damn well do it” Willis will make them an overall solid defense.

2. Jimmy Raye will spark Vernon Davis into the high-flying, hulkified, ridiculous specimen of a tight end just like he did for Anthony Gonzalez in 2000.

1. Frank Gore…Healthy…please!!!!~

(Disclaimer: The 49ers are my favorite team but this report was as unbiased as it could get…maybe…)

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