Scouting Report: The Quest That Is…Brett Favre

Brett Favre is a machine…albeit an old one, but the aged wonder has shown some resiliency these past 2 years and after week 2, Favre looks like he’s about ready to lead the Vikings to the NFC North Championship for the 2nd straight season. After a sluggish 1st game and first half of this past weekend’s game, Favre came out and threw 2 TD passes. As I said in my previous post, the Vikings are definitely going to be looking to Favre to be looking not only to Berriam, but to rookie Percy Harvin (as has happened in these 1st two weeks).

But the big question that rides everyone’s mind is…would Tavaris or Sage done the same or better and has this disrupted the chemistry of a very dominant Vikings team? So far, Cleveland and Detroit aren’t exactly the biggest competitors in the league, and I’d even go as far as to say that these two teams are quite laughable (even though I still love Brady Quinn and Matt Stafford and I think they will do wonders at QB in a year or two). At this point, we will never be able to tell. But as Michael Jordan pointed out in his awkwardly pointed Hall Of Fame speech, competitors can’t just walk away from the game. In fact, they never really lose that fire. They find that eye of the tiger to win in every step of each day and to be the best at the game, so to leave it would be terribly difficult.

So, instead of questioning Childress’ motives and leadership abilities and patronizing Favre’s fickled decision-making, let’s just chalk this up to a man who loves the game, who can’t bare to see his jersey resurrected in Canton and his name to live in infamy…not yet… Let’s just pretend that Favre was in training camp since day 1 and these first 2 wins are the remainder of Favre’s pre-season, not so much to give him in the benefit of the doubt in a system he claims to already know, but to live vicariously through a man who reminds us of something that we once loved to do, and maybe we will finally understand that “for the love of the game” isn’t a slogan or a mantra, but a way that every athlete in this league and any other league takes every step of every day.

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