Brady Quinn Struggles…Again…

In the first 3 weeks of play, Brady Quinn has struggled with a passer rating of 58.3 and has thrown for only 400 yards total. His completion percentage is 60.8% which shows he has some accuracy, but most of his passes have been completed for very short yardage. He has failed to produce a TD in the last 2 games and has thrown 3 INTs on the season (and 1 TD total).

The problem, however, has not totally been Quinn’s fault. He has been sacked 10 times this season (avg 3.3 / game) and he’s been consistently rushed and flushed out of the pocket. Furthermore, the run offense has been staggeringly terrible as Jamal Lewis has produced only 95 yards in 2 games and as a team, the Browns only had 71 yards on the ground against the Ravens today. You can’t win a game with no pass block and a sub-par running game.

To make matters worse, Braylon Edwards, Mike Furrey and Josh Cribbs have not been making Quinn’s job any easier. Edwards continues to drop balls and act like a pre-madonna non-factor in producing yards after the catch, and Furrey and Cribbs continue to be basically non existent. Furthermore, the hazing incidents on Friday capped off by Edwards’ yelling “Welcome to the Browns locker room!” did nothing but further perturb the already half-baked team concept that has plagued the Browns on and off the field.

My final thoughts about Quinn’s struggles are that the most important thing for a young QB to have are troops rallying around him, a solid line to block, and last but not least, a running game. Just look at Mark Sanchez with the Jets this season, Matt Ryan in Atlanta from last season, both Manning brothers, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, and most every other QB I can think of in the modern day era of the sport that has been successful at the QB spot.

The bottomline is that Brady Quinn has the size, mechanics and the understanding of the game to become a solid NFL quarterback, but he’s going to need some help from his cast of teammates if he’s going to develop and hone his skills and have a viable career as a Cleveland Brown.

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