Legalities Of Marriage

A couple months back, I posted about the institution of marriage and what it meant to most people. However, as I thought about it more, I don’t believe that I covered everything that I wanted to. You see, I still believe that marriage is a choice to proclaim your love for that one special person above all others, but after thinking about it, I feel like the processes and “legalities” of the issue are more of a conformal thought rather than a choice of progression. There are a few things that I want to address:

  • Church vs Law
  • Weddings
  • Engagement Ring

Church vs Law:

The first thing is the marriage of church and law.  Why is it that when two people get married in a church, a lot of priests ask you for your marriage license /certificate?  What if I didn’t want to be married under the state of California and I just wanted to be married under the covenants of my religion?  Isn’t that possible?  I feel like so many priests and people assume that marriage = legal document + Church/minister (or whatever your religion requires).  However,  if you are religious, and believe that the ultimate entity is God and that your religious covenants are conveyed desires of God (and assuming your covenants don’t break any local law), then why can’t you get married exclusively in the church and not the state?  Plausible, aint it?


Why is it almost thought of as a “sin” or the 2nd alternative to get married without a wedding? I understand that historically speaking, a wedding or celebration is setup in almost every culture, but why?  There is no real reason or necessity…Why can’t I just go to court, sign the papers, and be done with it?  Maybe the presents? Could be…But more often than not, I feel like things that are “out of the norm” are automatically deemed voodoo and scary.  Stupid amygdala….

Engagement Ring:

This is probably the most upsetting thing…the wedding ring.  What is the significance of this?  I mean, women give the statement “It’s a symbol of our love and eternal bonding, etc etc etc,” but I counter with…”Aren’t you and I being here together and supporting each other enough??”  I mean, first of all, if you believe that you will be bonded with this person forever, then I will categorize you more like my shadow than anything else; and secondly, more and more it seems like the size, shape and worth of the ring are more important than the symbol.  Hell, if it’s a symbol, can’t I give you a crackerjack ring??  I mean, are you just trying to figure out more ways to scam me out of my money??  I think women do this…they sit around and figure out ways of getting back at us for formulating the “pre-nup”…like “that guy’s gender is just tryin everyway to hold the woman down in this society…I’ll show him…” BAM $50,000 ring. FAUCK ME!

Ain’t marriage grand? (not to mention that tax stuff…)

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