Why Minority Groups Don’t Help Their Own Cause…

What I’ve been noticing a lot about minority groups is that their attempts at blending in with society and being treated equally has been partially been stubbed by their own doings.  Usually, in attempting to conform to society or have society understand your point of view, you must first understand society…kind of like walking their walk before society walks yours. And of course you ask why not the other way around, and unfortunately majority rules in this world…  You see, the biggest problem that people have is change. It stems from a natural response by your amygdala to completely new information…resulting in fear.  So, this fear is reacted on in 2 ways: Hate or Judgment.  You see, very few people will respond to something completely different in a “normal” way.  So, in order to slowly gain acceptance into society, you must first start 1-step outside of society’s comfort zone before you start walking outwards.

For example, when gay people where extremely flashy clothes, what is your first judgment? Wow, that guy looks ridiculous is usually mine.  And then if that guy were to talk to me, I’d automatically be halfway to nearest exit because I don’t wanna talk to this weirdo.  And some of you might respond by saying that the gay person is expressing themselves or that I’m biased against gay people.  Well, to the first, I reply…if they are wearing something blatantly different than what is out there in conformal wear, they are trying to be noticed and judged…that’s the whole reason for doing it.  Expressing ones sexuality through flashy wear and actions usually results in a “flashy” response…just saying. Secondly, I know I’m definitely not biased.  Believe me, if you saw some guy on the street who was wearing the same clothes as the gay person, your expression would be the same whether or not that 2nd person was gay (of course, if everyone wore the same clothes, then they’d prolli be looking at me weird).

Furthermore, by acting and protesting as minority groups do, they are not helping their cause.  They are, in fact, distancing themselves from the people who they want to convince for acceptance.  Think of it in this light…If you had a job where you were working on project A and you had this specialty in project A, and then suddenly you get promoted to manage project B with all of these other people, do you just go in there and start trying to change everything to how project A is run and protesting that project A and B should be run similarly without first understanding project B’s good and bad points?  No.  Of course not.  You would start assimilating yourself to project B and then when you’re caught up to speed, you start adding in the points of project A that would work better.  Otherwise, if you keep bitching and moaning about how your previous project ran etc, then you’d just end up pushing away the people who you would be trying to convince to do it your way.

Well, I know this isn’t the most eloquent piece of work and that it’s definitely a gray area subject, but based upon primal responses and humans inability to grasp change very quickly, the approach to minority group causes would be much better done with assimilation rather than brute force.

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