Original :: Shane Kanoa – Just One Glance

What’s up folks?! This has been a crazy week but I figured it was time to put up the next video (a day later). This one is an original by me called “Just One Glance”.  Most of my songs are like my journal (I know, lame…but it’s true) because sometimes, something happens and I just don’t quite know what to do about it or how I feel about it until I sit down and scribble out, what I call,  musical poetry. Anyway, I digress. I originally wrote this song about 3 years ago for a girl that promoted for this club that I used to go to. I met her once through some friends a while before but she, of course, didn’t remember me.

Anyway, she was absolutely radiant and I was in this line full of other Asian-American guys…all of us blending in together. All I was wishing for was that one glance, that one ounce of interest…just a look or a smile or a speck of hope that maybe I existed to her as more than just a nameless face in the crowd. Anyway, of course it never happens the way that you imagine…however it led me to write this.

I wanted to write this song for every one of those guys in that line, or in fact any line, who’s just waiting to get that one chance to sweep that special girl off her feet and perhaps feel like for once, they weren’t head over heels for a girl who barely even knew they existed…

The chorus goes:

“That she’d see me different

To give her a reason, to hope that she’d maybe wanna give me that chance

One night of discretion and forever’s attention

And after that she’d maybe wanna do it again

With unguarded intuition to be able to see me apart from every other man

It’s just one glance…”

I hope you all enjoy this song!

Until next time…Souttz!

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