Parenting Snafus, Part III — “I Have A Dream…and Then I Woke Up”

Each child is influenced by different things, encounters different problems, and develops into a different person. So, why treat each child like they’re the same? I know that a lot of parents believe that they should treat each kid fairly, and that it’s not fair to allow one kid to do one thing, and the other kid to do another. But that’s life… The principles of fairness and equality should go out the window with a MLK speech because that’s just what it is, a speech. It’s not real life.

In real life, everyone is their own person, and biasness and judgment are exactly what you should be doing to raise your kid. ┬áTreating each kid “fairly” or as “equals” would be like treating them like the same model of computers. Heck, you don’t even treat your computers the same way because depending upon the make, model, speed, memory etc, you would use them for different purposes. But I digress…

Children are individuals. Some like sports, some like to read. Some excel at social interaction, while others prefer to study alone in their room. In order to cater to your kids specific strengths and weaknesses, you must cater your parenting style to your child. In general, the one thing that all parents should agree on is that they want to raise their children to be the best people that they can be. But that’s the ONLY commonality that should exist.

The same thing should apply to your investments. Trading and investing principles for each asset class, ticker etc should be a little different catered to a specific strength, weakness or trend that you see in that investment. Most stocks move in some positive correlation with the market, but there are a few such as utilities, blue chips and healthcare that have a slightly less correlative response and/or even negative correlation to the market. Thus, in a big market up-swing, you wouldn’t want to invest in these stocks. Likewise, you would invest in these stocks in a stagnant or receding market to preserve your wealth.

Remember, nothing is fair, equal or just. It’s a false ideality. So, remember to treat each person, investment, and/or experience in your life as an individual encounter, and try to analyze the situation as best as possible to setup an approach that best fits the case.

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