Random Ramblings On Perceptive Stochastic Refinement

Coming from a signal processing and control theory background, I often observe life as a sampling of data points that, over time, are steered towards certain outcomes based upon the feedback loops that affect our decisions. But control theory and data interpretation should not be so much about data mining and determinism as it should be about guidance and refinement.  When looking at any situation, Ax = b, we can approach it by assuming that there exists one solution, and thus we must fit the pieces to match it OR we can assume that some form of a range of solutions exists within the data itself depending upon the parameters and stimulus acting upon it. Neither solution will guarantee anything, but the second version allows for a much more fluid existence.

You know…it’s sad because I’ve never been able to relinquish control. I hate ambiguity. It frustrates me. I’d rather receive bad news than no news because then I can use the information to proceed. Life was just one big impatient moment hurrying on to the next.

But recently, I’ve realized that I can’t control my existence. I can’t control those around me. I can’t even control whether or not I’m going to choke on my scrambled eggs tomorrow. Well…at least not completely.  The energy that exists in the world is fluid…it’s conserved, but more importantly, it’s balanced. So, within this finite system of non-linear, chaotic equations, we can only hypothesize one instance of the very many possibilities that could undoubtedly happen. And instead of trying to coerce a situation or expedite the moment, we should interpret and infer from the patterns and decisions of now.

But how do we do this? How do we accomplish this? Easy. Perception. You are who you are, and you or anyone else should never change that. But the power of perception is built off of guidance. It’s why parents want their children to marry doctors, and why men want to drive nice cars. But the power of perception is not about control. It’s about advisement. Parents over-disciplining the prodigal child will only either suppress the child’s spirit or result in mutiny. The same goes with a relationship. The controlling spouse will only increase the resentment that exists between the two. The reason being is that we ourselves cannot control our fate. Excitement is a chemical release of endorphins through external stimulation of which there is no rhyme or reason EXCEPT that which exists based upon the decisions and associations that have been made from past data. Furthermore, the fact that one would encounter something that would get one excited, in itself, is a highly random occurrence. So, how, thus, can we even begin to deterministically fit our pre-conceived circle into this amorphous square.

Instead, advisement, guidance and associative mapping are the only way that we can even begin to control any facet of our lives. But this control is not absolute. It’s not even relative. This control is unbiased. It’s non-linear. It’s…for lack of a better term…unpredictable.

This is where the power of perception comes into play. You see, I never truly understood how powerful sales, marketing & branding truly is. And that’s probably a short-sightedness that has definitely hindered my growth as a person. Becoming a well-rounded person isn’t just about being the most talented, skilled or proficient person, but also about enveloping yourself within your own memorable character. Whether your character is the drunk couch potato or the flamboyantly, straight fashion designer, the power of perception can guide you to your true potential. By embracing your own brand…that which makes you unique…you now allow people to embrace that side of you too.  Thus, even though life is unpredictable, understanding who you are and how you interpret information helps to navigate you through life’s trials and tribulations.

Anyway, right now, I’m just rambling…but the point is that we can’t control our lives or anyone else’s. Instead, we can only rely upon how we refine and guide ourselves (as well as others) based off the information we process  such that that we can build a better perception. Only, then, will we find a little control…

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