The Proverbial Rift-Raft…

What’s wrong with people?!

I come back to my car and find the window smashed in for a measly $10 pair of sunglasses, $3 in quarters, and to add insult to injury, my garage clicker! I could only imagine what someone on the street could possibly want with my clicker, especially since I was 30 miles from my home and I wouldn’t think someone who lived in an area of condos and gated parking lots, would be parking on the street. I also thought that they might want to break into my house from my address on the registration, but that didn’t quite add up either since it looked like nothing from where I keep it was touched.

But I digress. So I drive to the nearest police station. Surrounding this station is a swarm of drunks and homeless people. Now, I understand if there were a few, but this was more like the army battling the Spartans in 300. One drunk yelled at me while I was at a stoplight. Another started running after my car as I made a left toward the back of the police station. So, instead of risking a mortal kombat-esqe fatality for my car, I decided to pull a Back-Back-Down, and bone out!

But that brought me to a thought. Why was one of the main police stations, a place supposedly deemed safe, literally surrounded by “slum”. Not to say I’m above anyone, but part of the struggle for the city has been to extract the dangerous connotations that exist, which includes the homeless and drunken, stammering folk.

As the pieces from my shattered window pelted me, it hit me! No not a car. No not that bum still running after me in the distance. But an idea. See, Atticus Finch always stated that you don’t really know a man until you step into his shoes and walk around a little. And when I did so, it made perfect sense. Safety.

The homeless are people too. And people have always felt the need for company. Safety in numbers I guess.   But homeless people aren’t bad, they just live each day in survival mode. So they may have broken into my car or maybe it was gangsters or maybe it was the druggie who was chasing me. But the point is that we each have a natural instinct toward creating a cohesive society and developing guidelines thru which we are best able to survive. So, homeless have built their society around the police station for their own safety whether it be from health reasons or perhaps those groups of people more dangerous than they are. After all, they only have a canvas or a box protecting them from the elements of the world. So, they have created their sub-society amidst our urban and suburban areas, and have migrated toward a safer place.

But either way, I’m still not about to chance it. Foot races against crack addicts are not my strong suit…

Thanks for listening to just another guy with just another opinion..

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