What Is An Obscure Reflection?

Perception. Existence. Life. The biggest quandary pondered by the conscious being. Whether approaching it from the theoretical, metaphysical, observational, philosophical or even hypothetical point of view, the absolute beauty of this subject lies in our ineptitude to grasp it. We, as humans, take a narcissistic and fear-based approach to perceiving what we observe, interpreting what we understand, and attributing the rest to a grand scoping notion of omniscient symbolism. We deliberate our beliefs through cultures, biases and faith, to which none of these have a real foundation in anything more than hope. And we ascribe this hope as something extremely similar to us but yet still as vague as possible. And yet we follow this hope so as to define meaning to our existence; an existence far less woven into the pages of history if we are relegated to a stint no greater than the random assortment of solar flares or perhaps to something even unobservable by our own observable means. Because existence is that of having properties to observe. And what we interpret is our own perception. And if the multiverse stopped there, we would be okay. But then there comes life: the ability to perceive ones own existence with respect to its observational surroundings. But life is only interpretable by the beholder because it is a perceptive behavior. And thus, as far as I know, an ant is only aware of its survival instincts and its necessity to abide by a few natural instincts such as fight or flight, and finding food for the nest, etc. But since we cannot interpret from their point of view or even observe what they observe, we can only assume from the perception of our own observable data about the simplicity of an ant’s life. To further complicate things, we insert reason. The ability to ascribe logical and inferential pattern mapping and theory into something less Euclidean and something more probabilistic.  Reasoning is what allows us to ponder our own existence instead of relegating to the fact that we just do.

And this brings us to the question at hand. What is an obscure reflection? For me, it’s trying to gain an extremely macroscopic view of the multiverse that we live in as independent of our own perception-bias as possible, and trying to bring forth some analogous principles to our every day life to hopefully ease the transition. I will not ever state that I am right or wrong in any of these posts because this is about as opinion-based a subject as one can get.  However, part of the revelations that we will go thru in this blog is to also study what others have studied: math, physics, astronomy, philosophy, metaphysical and even might entertain some bizarre, haphazard theories to hopefully gather an illuminated scope of what actually could perceivably persist.  I don’t believe that we’ll ever know for sure, but I feel its a necessary quest for every living creature, at whatever capacity that we can perceive and reason, that we go through this mecca to figure it out for ourselves who we are and why we really exist.

Thanks for listening to some guy just trying to tell his story…

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