What Is Cynical Insanity?

The theory of relativity was probably the most influential philosophical as well as physical theory in observational existence. The reason? Simple. Point of view. Reference points. And even though the theory of relativity wasn’t exactly 100% spot on, it was incredibly insightful. You see, whether you’re talking about numbers or abstract concepts, everything is relative. 1+1 = 2, until you add in units of measurement. Understandably so, in the absolute sense, 1+1=2, but almost nothing is absolute. Every incident depends upon a previous incident. Everything is intertwined. To be absolutely certain about a fact in itself is a contradiction, and thus, cannot be utilized in such an argument. But it is almost always arguable in some sense of the terms because logical fallacies need only occur once. Michael Phelps won 22 Olympic medals is a true statement. It’s true today. It’s true yesterday. But if we were basing it off the observation from a star that was a million light years away, Phelps wouldn’t even be born yet, and thus, could not have won 22 Olympic medals.

Yes. That is a ludicrous argument to make. It wouldn’t stand up in the court of law. It wouldn’t stand up even in my own brain. However, I just had to make the point that even the most existential, seemingly absolute realities can still fall prey to a simple change in perspective…reference point. And something that you believed in so desperately, could be entirely upside down from someone else’s point of view.

And here lies the cynical insanity. The twist of the world that breaths false positives and illogical truths. It’s enough to make a grown man go crazy. And yet, sometimes, a little perspective can go a long way…

Thanks for listening to just another guy trying to tell his story…

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