What Is Quantitative Architecture?

Numbers. Numbers. Numbers. They help to quantify our everyday observations and identify patterns through which to explain certain behaviors. Some are repetitive; others are infinite. But no matter what the fragility of the state, numbers bring forth reason to raucous. They set boundaries to philosophical quandaries. They facilitate transformations thru perspective. They illuminate paths during wandering rumination. Numbers allow us to gauge our surroundings through measurement and ascribe purpose for innovation as well as deliberate bounded postulates for natural causes.  Which brings us to this forefront!

Although, at one point, physical and deterministic methods were necessary to sustain the rigidity and simplicity of mathematical proofs, we slowly realized that many and most observations of the world were far more probabilistic in mannerism, through which there was no physical proof, but instead, a statistical boundary. Innovations thru stochastic processes, closed-looped architecture and empirical building blocks along with some of the most basic mathematical principles have progressed technology and innovation a long way. From 4-cylinder motors to artificial intelligence, quantitative architecture has made a vast leap over this last century and a half to progress both pure and applied sciences to incredible new heights.

Whether analyzing the newest algorithms with analogous portrayals or dissecting some interesting observations through numerical and stochastic analyses, I’ll be slowly learning and hopefully understanding some of the complex observational quandaries that exist in our world and how we best are able to describe it.

Thanks for listening to just another a guy trying to tell his story…

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