Rules To Surviving Zombieland

Lets face it. In the sea of nameless turmoil, we all tend to blend in with the crowd. In fact, the only way we seem to find semblance of identification in this world, is by the thoughts in our heads, the acts we accomplish and the people with whom we surround ourselves. I was watching Zombieland last night and that kid from Social Network was talking about his Rules To Surviving Zombieland. And if I’m not mistaken, this dog eat dog world definitely makes it difficult for any of us to survive, albeit from flesh eating zombies or from corporate brown-nosers. And with the recent zombie outbreak occurring in the dirty south (which has definitely now earned the legitimacy of that name), I felt compelled to make my own Rules To Survival! Well, maybe not rules so much as guidelines. After all, who’d want to climb in their car, start driving a highway and suddenly get attacked by a zombie in the backseat! But, as usual, I digress.

  1. Love what you do. No one else will do that for you. IMHO, this is the most important edict because it’s something that most people forget. Whether you love it for the job, the people, the stability, the freedom or just because you get to see the smile of your 5-yr old girl when you get home, LOVE what you do. And love why you do it…
  2. Work Hard. Be efficient. And most importantly, surviveNothing’s served on a silver platter and chances are that if it is, it has poison or rabies! Use your noggin, keep your head down, and keep your eyes open because only you have your own best interest at heart.
  3. Everything in moderation. Homeostasis is like a pyramid of cheerleaders. One of those girls gets a little wobbly and the whole gym gets to see a group of misappropriated teens lose 10 cool points and skip go. Make sure you balance your life and hopefully everything doesn’t start toppling over.
  4. Enjoy the little things! Because life so rarely throws around lottery winners and NBA champions, if you keep swinging for the moon, you’ll likely end up falling at Mach 20 back down to earth.
  5. Be consistent! If every day you finished one project, you’d complete 3650 in a decade. So if there are 3650 things you want to do, start the first one tomorrow and give me some Advil for the migraine you just gave me while I thought about the 3649…
  6. MYOB and BYOB! No one likes a nosy nelly and no one likes a leech. If you want peoples’ respect, you’ve got to show them respect! So understand their privacy and practice common courtesy!
  7. Be True To Yourself! You are tiny dot #37. But you do what you do and you are who you are. Be confident to the world and let life connect the dots. Because if you try to be like another dot, life just might end up drawing a line around you.
  8. Breathe, damnit! Do I really need to say more?
  9. Keep an open mind! There are 7 billion people of different descent, interests, cultures, location, education and life experience. Some of these people just might have something valid to say.
  10. Travel Light and be prepared! Simplicity is tough. Back to basics. Prolly the hardest thing to do is simplify our lives to the necessary things that we need to survive + things we need to make us smile. If you’re not absolutely in love or in need of it, then dont bring it. I know that planning for every possible circumstance can make your head spin so DON’T! Plan for a couple probable instances and leave the rest to the roulette table…
  11. Logical progressions will still lead toward entropy! In other words, just because you’ve evaluated every option and assessed every risk, it doesn’t mean that the inevitable or un-planned alternative won’t happen. The universe is expanding and so is entropy. People are complex, conditional stochastic beings influenced by other stochastic beings and a multitude of chaotic systems. Shit will happen. Just hope you have an umbrella…
  12. Sometimes, it’s okay to be a lemming. Yup. Probability supports it. So just because you don’t want to follow everyone else, doesn’t mean that everyone else isn’t right. Make your own decisions, but don’t hate on it if it’s the same as everyone else.
  13. Fight or flight. You’re not Jesus. Turning the other cheek will probably get you smacked again. The world waits for no one. That’s why your body was built with protective instincts. Rely on them. Hone them. Make sure that you’re as prepared for life as you can be. Beware of your surroundings. Absorb like a sponge. And when the time comes, react!
  14. Pants get just as dirty as shirts! Ok I saw this in some other post, but I LOVE it. In other words, use some common sense, please? We always wash our shirts, but when it comes to jeans, it repels nasty? Uh, I don’t think so…
  15. Check your trunk! Or your backseat. Or your spare bedroom. Or your stove. Or your window. Don’t over-worry but do your due diligence. Whether it’s a contractual obligation or a taking a spry jog in the early morning, it never hurts to take an extra peek and proceed with caution!

Okay I got tired of writing for now, but I will probably continue adding to this list as I go along!

Thanks for listening to this random guy…

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The Proverbial Rift-Raft…

What’s wrong with people?!

I come back to my car and find the window smashed in for a measly $10 pair of sunglasses, $3 in quarters, and to add insult to injury, my garage clicker! I could only imagine what someone on the street could possibly want with my clicker, especially since I was 30 miles from my home and I wouldn’t think someone who lived in an area of condos and gated parking lots, would be parking on the street. I also thought that they might want to break into my house from my address on the registration, but that didn’t quite add up either since it looked like nothing from where I keep it was touched.

But I digress. So I drive to the nearest police station. Surrounding this station is a swarm of drunks and homeless people. Now, I understand if there were a few, but this was more like the army battling the Spartans in 300. One drunk yelled at me while I was at a stoplight. Another started running after my car as I made a left toward the back of the police station. So, instead of risking a mortal kombat-esqe fatality for my car, I decided to pull a Back-Back-Down, and bone out!

But that brought me to a thought. Why was one of the main police stations, a place supposedly deemed safe, literally surrounded by “slum”. Not to say I’m above anyone, but part of the struggle for the city has been to extract the dangerous connotations that exist, which includes the homeless and drunken, stammering folk.

As the pieces from my shattered window pelted me, it hit me! No not a car. No not that bum still running after me in the distance. But an idea. See, Atticus Finch always stated that you don’t really know a man until you step into his shoes and walk around a little. And when I did so, it made perfect sense. Safety.

The homeless are people too. And people have always felt the need for company. Safety in numbers I guess.   But homeless people aren’t bad, they just live each day in survival mode. So they may have broken into my car or maybe it was gangsters or maybe it was the druggie who was chasing me. But the point is that we each have a natural instinct toward creating a cohesive society and developing guidelines thru which we are best able to survive. So, homeless have built their society around the police station for their own safety whether it be from health reasons or perhaps those groups of people more dangerous than they are. After all, they only have a canvas or a box protecting them from the elements of the world. So, they have created their sub-society amidst our urban and suburban areas, and have migrated toward a safer place.

But either way, I’m still not about to chance it. Foot races against crack addicts are not my strong suit…

Thanks for listening to just another guy with just another opinion..

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Open Source Really Means Consolidation

Alarm rings a first time. Thwack! It’s Tuesday. I can snooze for a minute.

…It rings a second time… Ignore.

Phone rings. “Sir your credit card is showing a charge that doesn’t look right.”

And with that statement, you jump out of bed like World War III just started in your bedroom…You start up your computer and you look through your statement to try to verify whether or not you purchased that thing-a-ma-bob. But you can’t remember. Not because you have a bad memory, but because you’ve purchased many thing-a-ma-bobs this month. You check your emails, the stack of receipts and your text messages. Maybe your wife purchased it? But she’s in a meeting all day. Wait! She keeps the list of things she wants to purchase for the month. But its on that bland steno pad that loves to get lost amongst the piles of bills on the table.

You finally give up. “I’d like to cancel my card. I didn’t make that purchase…”

Okay, so maybe your days aren’t this hectic, and your records this scattered, but the rise of technology has left us with a plethora of suitable options for almost any need. However, as we move on, we don’t have a means for consolidating that technology. I mean. I have an Android phone, iPad, Canon 7D, Macbook Pro, and if that’s not enough, I have a scattered amount of music recording equipment. Not to mention the software apps. Oh the SOFTWARE! There’s mobile, social, desktop, cloud, browser, all providing redundancies of other apps that are out there, and adding one or two variations that slightly enhance the usefulness of the app, but segregate our lives even more than originally intended.

Oh, don’t get me wrong! Application makers definitely attempt to consolidate their app within this highly social world, but by doing so, they compromise the functionality and seamless-ness of the app itself. Or they take the opposite path and they make an amazing app that shortcuts in integration.

In this new open source world, app makers tend to make it a point that you use their app solely. I mean, you can definitely integrate their app with social giants such as Facebook or Google, but it doesn’t reconcile the main problem of technology, which is helping to consolidate, organize and optimize the pains and pleasures of every day life. Just as scattered websites lost their battle to Tech Bubble 1.0, scattered apps will lose their battle to Tech Bubble 2.0 with those left standing being the most consolidated apps that didn’t just add to the clusterf*ck of technological growth, but re-implemented and re-engineered the frontier of cloud, web and mobile computing.

But consolidating means much more than unifying the web. It means creating accessibility for each unique person, place or entity to share, manage and live their life without confining them to the constraints of the system itself. Tricky as it may seem, its a plausible feat. But it won’t be easy.

It just needs a little nudge in the right direction.

Thanks for listening to just another guy with just another opinion


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Swami Says…The New Frontier For Tech…

I’ve been wanting to write this article for a long time now, but I haven’t been motivated to sit down and just do it. Because let’s face it. Predicting the future is hard work. It’s strenuous on the mind. So ala-Chris Berman’s Swami-stylings, we’ll do it 2-minute drill style!~

Ok. Maybe not. That might partially depend on your speed reading abilities…

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah! The New Frontier In Tech! Look we’ve all seen the Facebook IPO fiasco, and can now confirm that the tech bubble is on its way to getting popped faster than a school girl’s balloon in a pin factory. And as I discussed the factors of the last tech bubble burst with a colleague, it became fervently clear that the frontier for tech will not be with Google or Facebook. You see, Google has spread itself so thin over a clusterf*ck of random areas that I don’t believe they even understand the evolution of the tech game. They are trying to think like a small company, but they don’t realize that they are about as immobile as a 300 yr old Sequoia.

Facebook, too, has lost its vision. They are already playing catch-up, and that’s their real reason for this incredible mistake that I see most technology companies make! They are so focused in trying to get into the mobile phone game, thinking that it’s the way of the future, but they have lost vision of their biggest strengths…a billion users and an agile platform. See, with all the ridiculous stubborn-headedness of Zuckerberg, he was doing one thing right by keeping his company limited to a couple thousand employees. He had the ability to change. Social Graph was an amazing innovation in itself and it was much better versed than the data-biased, SEO generated information at Google.

But 2 years ago, he started to listen to big tech. You know, all those really big advisors who made it to the top during the last tech bubble, and have only lasted that long at their post because the economies of scale that existed in the industry until recently. They started talking about 2Q peak profits and confused him with jargon like scaling and the necessity of yoy growth and that scared the young billionaire. Not because business was bad. But because business hadn’t really boomed yet. He was earning something close to $2B in ad sales and was enticed by the word quadruple. But what he gained in shareholders, he lost in agility. He no longer has the cloak of invisibility that allowed him to run his business, his way. Like a tech innovator. Oh, don’t get me wrong! Facebook is 8 yrs old. And it’s technology is 4-yrs down the wrong path. And being worth a cool $100B is nothing to scoff at. But I was still convinced that maybe they would bust an Apple and find their way. But unlike Apple, who functioned in a pre-tech bubble stock market environment more focused on true earnings rather than quarterly profits, Facebook now must stick the path it’s been given. Because this stock market is delusional and finicky.

So what is this new path? Well, I alluded to it briefly above. You see, the early 90s brought an onslaught of affordable computers and three main computing operating systems. What is an OS? It’s essentially a platform and filing system which allows for application functionality and data storage. This rise in computers paved the way for internet users. Because, naturally, a cohesive society wanted a means for sharing and expanding our information and resources. This rush for expansion obviously caused the first technology bubble rise and fall. And when the dust settled, the two types of tech companies that still existed were electronics and computers. Most online technology was in shambles because there were no real set of laws that governed this new space. It was like the wild, wild west out there and people got scared about losing their livelihoods from oversharing.  The problem with that was we retracted into a hole. But the electronics and computing business were still successful.

In my opinion, this paved the way for the successes of Apple, Google and Facebook. Not because people wanted change, but because change was upon us, and something needed to jump start it. Out of the rubble, these three major players were able to take advantage of three big areas in today’s market. Apple utilized people’s desires to explore the new frontier but fear of over-exposure to concoct and re-imagine their brand with their virus-free campaign, along with the think different slogan to convince users of their uniqueness versus any other computing device. Google was able to emerge due to their own think google marketing campaign enabling them to take advantage of people’s needs to safely navigate the web as well as a means to safely get themselves out there. Facebook was the final piece to the puzzle. They provided the first real means for people to network with their friends and even meet new people. Because they started in colleges and universities, it enabled them to grow their network in a relatively safe environment, which tempered users’ fears of information susceptibility and overexposure. They’re business is the first real uniformity of the web.

But the age of mobile computing has now brought on the need for cloud computing, a new wave of application designers and better ways of navigating the web. The difference, however, is that once the dust settles from the tech bubble 2.0, we’ll be left in a different internet environment. You see, we skipped a step. I know that most people believe that mobile OS was the next step in the filing system and data storage game, but the problem with that, is two-fold. First, phones are small. They will always be small. You might be able to watch a movie or stream a video off your phone or your newest iPad but it will be difficult to justify replacing your laptop for doing anything data intensive…at least in the near future. Second, cloud computing isn’t where it needs to be. I stress this point big time.

Cloud computing will need to accomplish two things before we can be semi-functional with a phone or a pad. It will need to redefine compression and data transfer/streaming standards. The current protocols are way too data intensive with the pricing plans that currently exist in most phone or pad companies. I understand that the likes of AT&T and Verizon will adjust pricing accordingly, but their real reason for these data limits is due to infrastructure. They don’t have enough bandwidth. AND to make matters worse, since the new standard will be LTE and NOT WIMAX, the maximum capabilities for the 4G technology are capped off at a lower rate (innate to Bluetooth which is what LTE is based off of).  The other thing that cloud computing will need to accomplish is a data storage and filing system. Currently, there is nothing really out there which makes it highly difficult for application designers to create real cloud applications, which would make it much easier for data transfer rates because then the mobile device merely acts as a portal to the cloud.

One such company that seems to be heading in that direction is Firebase. They are allowing users to build real-time apps using Javascript and all of the data-crunching for your websites is done in the cloud. This company is unique in that it is creating an environment for more easily creating applications for cloud computing based websites back-ends.

In this ever-changing world of technology, it will be interesting who will emerge as the winners and who will get left behind…but one thing’s for sure…within the next 5 years, we will see a huge emergence of cloud operating systems, compression standards and data transferability that will affect the way that we utilize our smartphones and pads. There will be a need for syncing everyday life on-the-go, and with new creative solutions such as jquery mobile, we are moving that direction. But as I said before, without having a means processing, storing and easily accessing that data within the cloud, it will be difficult to see the evolution of the mobile computing industry.

Anyway, that’s it for me here! Have a great MDW Saturday!

Stay Tuned For More…


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Shane Kanoa – Lights (One Direction Cover)

Ellie Goulding’s Lights is probably one of my favorite songs right now, and if you hear her speak about it, it’s actually talking about being afraid of the dark! I hope you enjoy my acoustic rendition of this song!

Acoustic Cover Remix Rendition By:
Shane Kanoa

Original By:
Ellie Goulding

Original Acoustic Version:

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